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Neida Andrade

Born in Angola (Luanda), Cape Verdean origin, Portuguese nationality and raised in the city of Santarém.


I lived for a short time in different countries (Spain, USA and England), but fate wanted me to return to Portugal, more specifically Santarém, the city that has seen me grow and for which I have a great affection.


I studied Tourism for the taste I have always had in traveling and knowing other destinations, people and cultures.


I decided to found Gotik Senses, a touristic animation agency, with  several kinds of itineraries but with special emphasis on Equestrian Tourism.


It was the rescue of a child's passion, a forgoten dream. The paths of life led me to this old dream and awakened my senses !! It's never too late to realize a dream !!


Ribatejo is one of the regions with more Lusitano Horse breeders. I believe that for this and many other reasons, it is possible to make Santarém and the Ribatejo known all over the world !!


I am not a touristic guide but I will accompany you on each itinerary, in an informal, quiet,  unhurried way, taking you to participate in local experiences and to know the region in a relaxed way.


Gotik Senses' goal is total customer satisfaction. Get in touch and get more information about my tours.

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