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Tour Voyages to my Land


We follow the footsteps and itinerary of Almeida Garrett's famous literary work, Viagens na Minha Terra, on a train trip from Lisbon to Santarém. Travel accompanied by guide. Day dedicated to know the capital of the Gothic


Tour of the Miracle


Tour of faith and inner journey. We follow paths of veneration and pilgrimage on a journey in search of inner peace. Is there a greater miracle than be alive?!

Escaroupim Tour

Salvaterra de Magos

Escaroupim, the fishing village. A pleasant boat trip on the river Tagus, where in addition to fish and birds, we can find horses in freedom on an island in the middle of the Tagus. And also the art of Falconry, Intangible Heritage of Humanity, the noblest of the hunting arts.




Tour a pinch of salt

Cartaxo/Rio Maior/Quinta da Lapa

A mixture of wine and salt! Come and taste your senses with the flavors and aromas of Cartaxo wines. We continue towards Rio Maior, where we will stop for lunch and visit the famous Salinas de Rio Maior. "In the Salinas of Rio Maior there is salt without sea. The Salinas of Rio Maior are the only indoor salinas in Portugal and are well worth a visit"

Tour of the Lezírias

Samora Correia

A whole day in the lezírias of the Ribatejo, in an itinerary full of sensibilities where all its senses are tested and awakened. At Companhia das Lezírias, in Samora Correia, we will go through the farm, winery, olive grove, stud farm, will do a wine tasting and we will stay for lunch. In the afternoon, continue to the EVOA Space to bird watching 


Gothic tour

Santarém/Alcobaça/ Batalha

An itinerary that breathes art, dedicated to the architectural style, the Gothic. Day to visit Santarém, the Gothic capital, and the two most expressive monuments of Gothic in Portugal, the Monastery of Batalha and the Monastery of Alcobaça, considered two of the 7 Wonders of Portugal


Food and drink tour


This itinerary is an invitation to enjoy the flavors of Ribatejo. Awake and refresh your senses with the aromas and flavors of the Tagus wines, the new Gin Ribatejano and a gastronomy rich in flavors and textures.

Tagus wine tour


Visit to farms full of history, with a long agricultural tradition and wine producers. There are many wines produced in the Tagus. All unique, and each with very own characteristics that make every Tagus wine special. The cellars open their doors and invite you to come and taste the nectar of the Gods

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The Templars treasure Tour

Santarém/Tomar/ Almourol

The Knights Templar, knights wrapped in mysticism and hidden treasures. The Knights Templar Order was founded in the early 12th century for the protection of the Holy Sepulcher and Christian pilgrims. Come in search of a hidden treasure that keeps itself alive in the eyes of all! I propose a late afternoon with sunset on board, overlooking the Castle of Almourol while enjoying a drink.

West tour


Two destinations of excellence sought after by surfers. Nazaré's giant waves and the Super Tubes World Surfing Championship have made these locations two of the most sought after destinations on the Portuguese West Coast. The picturesque beauty of the medieval village of Obidos is a must-see in this itinerary.

Tour of the castles


Important historical and military patrimony of Portugal, these castles were part of the military defense of the Portuguese territory of the Middle Tagus, that was in charge of the Templar Order almost thousand years ago. A visit to these mystical castles is an authentic journey in time