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Equestrian Tourism

A day at a Horse Riding Club

Come and spend the day at an Equestrian Center in Benavente. Participate in the activities with the horses and do your baptism of riding. If the weather is favorable enjoy the day to bathe in the pool and enjoy the countryside

Program Balance Your Life

For those who want to take the first steps on horseback, I propose this equestrian experience. You have the opportunity for one day to enter the world of horses and be in contact with these fantastic creatures. You will get to know the space and environment, get close and treat the horse, and finally try a riding class in the equestrian dressage discipline. Main objectives: identify the work spaces - know and equip the horse, theoretical preparation for saddle exams - experience the balance on horseback.

Tour Flavors of the Land with

Eduardo de Almeida

In this itinerary we sharpen our palate with a tasting of the Cheese of the Farm, produced in the Agrarian School of Santarém, a wine tasting in Quinta da Ribeirinha and at last we witness a demonstration of Work Riding with the rider Eduardo de Almeida. If there is availability of time,  for those who pretend to do some shopping of articles related to riding (boots, traditional costumes, saddles, etc.) we will visit the most recommended sites in the region.

Programs in the equestrian world

One day or one week programs to enjoy your holiday in the equestrian world. Classes, baptisms of riding and horse riding.