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"Emotions are wild horses"

Paulo Coelho

A bet on Ribatejo

Gotik Senses arose from the need to sensitize the population for the preservation and promotion of the vast natural and cultural heritage of the Ribatejo region.

Tours have been created to explore the touristic potential of the region and itineraries tailored to those who prefer to set their tour according to their personal plans and preferences.

It's up to me to help you build experiences and memories full of emotion. Come to know the Ribatejo and all that it has to offer. Come and enjoy a land of ​​emotions and sensations with flavor, aroma, texture, beauty and melody !!


Santarém,capital of the Gothic and the Ribatejo.

Small town but rich in heritage, traditions and culture.

Two steps from Lisbon and located in the heart of the country.


Let me invite you to come and visit us. Come and awaken your senses with all that Ribatejo has to offer !!

Gotik Senses is a tourist animation agency operating in Santarém. A concept created by someone from Santarém who believes that the region of Ribatejo has a lot to offer.

Gotik - the itineraries aim to promote Ribatejo, with emphasis on the city of Santarém, the Capital of Gothic. Almost all tours have a mandatory passage through the city or depart from here.


Senses - awaken your five senses and let them set you free.

Enjoy the sensations that these tours can provide.

Equestrian tourism

Discover the Ribatejo and the Lusitano Horse


A day in the capital of the Lusitano Horse

Do you know the Capital of the Horse ?! Would like to know?! Come on and join us! In our company and on horseback, come and enjoy the wonderful landscapes of Golegã! We know every corner of the house and we can show you magnificent places.  Visiting mares and foals in the field and picnics are activities proposed in this program.


A day with the bullfighter Ana Batista

Come and spend the day at Salvaterra de Magos, an agricultural and fertile area, also known for its bull and horse breeding. In the company of the Ribatejo bullfighter Ana Batista, come and enjoy a day in the countryside, while watching a bullfighting demonstration and presentation of its beautiful jackets. Contact Gotik Senses to learn more about this program.

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